Top 5 Negative Aspects of Visiting London


Everyone wants to visit London because it has so many free attractions and a rich cultural background. Even if it’s day or night, there is something to do or some place to visit. But visiting London doesn’t have only bright sides, there are also negative aspects:

  1. It’s crowded

If you plan to visit London in a few days, you won’t have enough time to see as much as you’ve proposed. London is always crowded because it’s a modern capital with constantan activities, so it took me some time to walk around London. Needless to say that at rush hour, traveling by metro is really a challenge. It can be really uncomfortable for someone that is not familiar with the London metro system to use the tube while everybody is crowding. Moreover, we had to wait in a queue to make the Oyster Card,   to get the escalator, to go through the turnstile and finally we managed to exit. Besides, there are times when the subways are under constructions.

If you go out at rush hours, you may need to stand in line in order to enter in a pub or to a museum.

Also, the traffic is terrible. If you decide to get a taxi in order to arrive more rapidly somewhere, you need to know that in most of the cases you won’t get there faster. Taxis always get stuck in traffic and waiting in a car may ruin your day.

  1. It’s expensive

Travelling abroad can be expensive and if you plan a trip to London you need to manage well your budget. Although I’ve said that most of the attractions are free, you still need to find accommodation and to eat. Add to that the cost of transport and souvenirs, and you may spend a great amount of money on your trip. With that money you can visit maybe two cities, instead of one. But it’s your choice. If you really wish to visit London, then prepare yourself for the higher prices.

If you are on a budget, I recommend to stay in a hostel, but conditions aren’t the same as a hotel has. The prices for a hotel room are higher because London is on the list of most expensive places to live and work.

We’ve heard that a cinema ticket costs around 13 pounds and it’s not even for a 3D movie and beverages in a pub are around 5-6 pounds. If a cinema ticket and a beer costs this much, imagine how are the prices for other important things.

If you still want to visit London, I suggest that you search on the Internet for free attractions, low-cost accommodations and restaurant that serve food at affordable prices.

  1. The Londoners are impolite

And not friendly. If you like to socialize with strangers, don’t do it in London. If you are in the tube and want to start a conversation with an English person, they will consider this act a little bit strange.  Besides all of them are caught up in their phones or newspapers or are listening to music, so if you want to ask for directions, they will feel upset if you disturb them. Moreover, they don’t care about you and that’s really sad. If something happens to you on London’s streets like getting mugged or attacked, they will just pass by.

Also, the employees from the customer services don’t treat you with respect, as it should be. The waiters don’t great you or don’t smile when you enter in a restaurant. You may feel not welcomed when you see how people treat you here. And it’s not about just the waiters, it’s about all of the persons who provide public services. Speaking from my experience, if you want to attract new clients you should be able to at least smile. So, if you’re in London and someone treats you bad, don’t take it personally.

  1. Changeable weather

For me it’s annoying when the weather changes from one day to another. Besides, you have to pack sweaters and T-shirts for the same trip. You don’t know what to wear in order to feel comfortable. There were times, when in the morning was cold, but after a few hours it got sunny. Also, we weren’t pleased by the fact that we had to carry an umbrella with us all the time. It’s worst for a tourist to walk around London when it’s raining all the time.

  1. Scams

Unfortunately, a lot of street scams occur in London. We’ve heard about taxi drivers that sell drugs to young people. After you’ve bought from them, some people who pretend to be police will come to you and ask you to pay a great amount of money so they won’t have to arrest you.

If you see a magic show on the streets, don’t stay and watch. Probably, it’s a distraction. While someone is performing and you watch, another person will steal your valuables and you won’t even notice.

Also, on Marble Arch and Oxford Street are vendors that sell illegally fake brands perfumes, watches or clothes. You may be tempting by the lower prices, but don’t buy anything from them because the quality is poor. Even if you use their testers which are original, don’t be fooled because the product that you will get is fake.

Moreover, if someone offers to take a photo of you and your friend/partner don’t trust that person by giving him/her your camera or phone. In most of the cases, these “nice” persons will ask for money because they took pictures or they will run with your apparat.

Also, you should pay attention in all the crowded places because there most of the pickpockets find their targets. These thieves have developed techniques which they use in order to steal your belongingsand you will realize later on that something is missing.

London is definitely a spectacular city but it’s up to each person if they want to visit it or not. But, if you decide to do it, you can always book a London airport taxi in order to make your trip easier.